Q4 '22 is shaping up to be one of the worst horse races since 2008/09
Another case showing that fealty to The Thing(TM) can be adverse to your health - the sad ending to a long-forgotten TV child actor addicted to the…
This is a personal note to my audience

December 2022

At least Grant got one last virtue signal in before his Fauci ouchie caught up with him

September 2022

Sul Sul? More like sue sue, class action.
Geoff Young is a masterclass in how to get young populist/anti-imperialist peoples’ hopes up only to watch them be dashed at the last minute - a student…

June 2022

Lyudmyla Leontiyivna Denisova
Even Substack staff aren’t immune from the State Department backed corporate brainwashing

May 2022

W is back with another humdinger
Twitter can’t help itself and Elon Musk was not going to change that problem

April 2022

How many bylines did you need for this one, guys?

March 2022

The Information war on Putin comes to a screeching halt - a McFault